Yet another inquiry into the Mental Health & Addiction was launched in January 2018 and impressively covers every aspect. The budget is a cool $6.521 MILLION. The Minister for Health, Hon. Dr David Clarke has been tasked with presenting the findings of the Inquiry to the government. It's a mammoth undertaking.
However, we have found the structure of the inquiry to be significantly flawed and that it urgently needs to be addressed so that the most accurate overview can be achieved for the sake of all those who are living with Mental Health & Addiction, and their caregivers.

We noted that only a relatively small, cross-section of those involved with the mental health sector, i.e. service providers and their users, were included in the process. We found that the ratio of professionals/experts to service users (patients, clients, consumers, and caregivers) to be woefully imbalanced, which we find to be completely unacceptable. 

In the interest of transparency; below are the guidelines and boundaries for the Inquiry as set by the government.

The Inquiry's Terms of Reference were set by the Government | Mental Health Inquiry 2018
One of the first most noticeable points of interest is; a part of the framework for the inquiry is the Mental health (Compulsory Assessment and treatment) Act 1992. The act is more than a quarter of a century old, and it is difficult to believe it is still relevant today. Clearly, Mental Health and Addiction have increased to crisis level in spite of this 1992 Act.

It is also noted that the Inquiry sought $6.521 MILLION to cover the costs! 
The breakdown of which is as follows:

$0.789  (over 3/4's of a MILLION) in fees for the Inquiry Chair and up to five members.
$5.732 MILLION to cover the cost of Inquiry staff, travel and accommodation, professional fees and other operating costs associated with the Inquiry.

The Chair, Professor Ron Paterson ~ $1,400 per day.
Members: Dr Barbara Disley, Sir Mason Durie, Dr Jemaima Tiatia-Seath, Josiah Tualamali'i and Dean Rangihuna  ~ $975 per person per day.

What I will say is, the people on the Inquiry panel are all dedicated and knowledgeable in their field and are indeed an impressive lineup with enough collective years between them (in championing Mental Health and Addiction prevention and well being) to fill three lifetimes. Very well appointed, in my opinion. 

However, at the other end of the financial spectrum, those involved in Peer Support Groups (who had been consulted with and tasked by the Inquiry to gather information from members of their groups) were compensated for any official meetings but had to pay expenses out of their own pockets to gather the requested data! These people are usually on a meagre income to start with but are the ones in the trenches tirelessly fighting for their own future well-being, as well as that of others 24/7 while receiving little or no reimbursement at all. The extra financial burden of costs (including child care) have caused considerable hardship for many, and in some cases has caused their mental health and well-being to deteriorate. Unlike those heading the Inquiry listed above and their staff who have been entirely taken care of financially during this process.

All said and done, though the sentiment of the Inquiry is both welcomed and long overdue. On the ground the whispers among the people are deafening. There is little or no trust at all in the system or the service providers. People have become so despondent and demoralised that their well-being is being compromised and FEEL they are rapidly deteriorating and descending into an abyss.

One of the biggest, enduring complaint is the lack of communication, leaving most people feeling unimportant; that they don't matter. The desperation is palpable. The silent screams are harrowing; you can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice. Caregivers too are descending into their own abyss of mental health despair. Both sufferers and caregivers are exhausted and FEEL there is no hope left. There is nowhere to turn and no one to turn to. The FEELING of hopelessness is overwhelming.

It's time to Step Out of the Shadows of Mental Health & Addiction. To be an active part of the solution. To Speak Truth to Power. We hear you.

If you have your story to tell, let this site be your voice. If your experience with the Mental Health & Addiction sector has been distressing, we want to hear from you. Help us to help others.

All stories will be published on here (with your permission). You can put your name to it or remain anonymous. All submissions will be sent to the Inquiry and also to the government.


Your Experience with Power

We want to hear your experience with power. Whether you are a consumer, a caregiver or a worker. We need to hear how you are finding things on the 'inside' as well as the outside.

Are your hands being tied for the wrong reason. Are you being patronised and not taken seriously. Are you wasted in your role, as management just don't give you the respect you deserve?

We need to hear from you. We need to hear your story. We need to hear how and why you are so frustrated with the current system. We need to know who it is that is making you feel this way.

It's all about transparency and accountability. That's what this site has been designed for.

You can either put your name to it or keep it annoymous. 

It's time to step out of the shadows. Head held high.

It’s time to fight for our rightful place in our society. To educate, to live and work and claim our destiny.
— Speaking Truth to Power

The stuff below is not for the site. Just for layout. x


An energetic and self-motivated individual, with the determination, confidence and creativity required to exceed expectation within a work place.  Proven ability to consistently deliver results.  A natural facilitator and skilled in translating the needs of the customer into deliverables, on time, every time while forging a relationship that builds the loyalty base future.  A strong team player, leader by example, inspiring others towards shared goals.  Driven by a personal passion for excellence and professional loyalty, practicing the ideals of quality through vision.


Organisational skills

  • excellent organisational skills
  • the ability to multitask effectively
  • proven communication and 'people' skills
  • excellent customer care skills
  • problem-solving skills and the ability to deal with the unexpected
  • excellent attention to detail
  • the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • longstanding sales and negotiation skills
  • effective administration and IT skills
  • a strong team player, leader
  • enthusiasm, motivation and an outgoing, approachable personality
  • a confident and determined manner

Business Growth & Development skills

  • business development analysis
  • brand development
  • market research
  • cost effective promotions
  • proposals & tenders
  • consumer behavior
  • business financial planning
  • business accounting on Xero 
  • people management
  • financial management

Strategic Planning skills

  • systems Approach that starts with the end in mind
  • incorporate change management and leadership development to effectively transform an organisation to high performance
  • provide actionable performance information to better inform decision making
  • incorporate assessment-based inputs of the external and internal environment, and an understanding of customers and stakeholder needs and expectations
  • include strategic initiatives to focus attention on the most important performance improvement projects
  • supporting toolkit, including terminology, concepts, steps, tools, and techniques that are flexible and scalable
  • align strategy and culture, with a focus on results and the drivers of results
  • integrate existing organization systems and align the organisation around strategy
  • be simple to administer, clear to understand and direct, and deliver practical benefits over the long-term
  • incorporate learning and feedback, to promote continuous long-term improvement

Web Design & Development skills

  • website design, management and development
  • Google Analytics
  • photoshop CC
  • numerous other online creative web planning tools
  • CMS advanced

Systems & Structures

I have designed an online based system that we share with our clients.  My clients are given a log in and password that will allow them access to my systems / sheets that I have designed.  Click on the below sheets to give you an idea.  This is based on my wedding & events planning company.

I have also designed online web forms that then transfer direct into my systems.  By doing this, (although it is quite a bit of work in the beginning), the client does most of the work from there on in with myself / manager just overseeing it.

Designing a company structure will allow the company directors / owners to focus on growing the business as apposed to the day to day running of the company. 

I cannot reiterate the importance of systems and structures. This is why most NZ businesses fail within the first 3 years.

Recent Projects

Wilderness Weddings & Events

Wilderness Weddings & Events is a wedding & events planning company based in Queenstown Lakes, NZ.  I designed the entire site as well as designing the systems and structures for the company.  I own this company and currently have a manager overseeing it, allowing me to utilise my skills elsewhere.

Wanaka Kids Hub    Kids Hub is a project that I am working on currently.  It is a hub with lots of information for parents and school children to refer to. The site is currently in the process of being launched and is owned by myself.

Wanaka Kids Hub

Kids Hub is a project that I am working on currently.  It is a hub with lots of information for parents and school children to refer to. The site is currently in the process of being launched and is owned by myself.

Cabin Fever   This is a website that we designed for a glamping company in Wanaka.

Cabin Fever

This is a website that we designed for a glamping company in Wanaka.

Raspberry Creek   We designed a website for a catering company based in Queenstown Lakes, NZ.

Raspberry Creek

We designed a website for a catering company based in Queenstown Lakes, NZ.

Hotshotz Talent    Hotshotz Talent is a website that I am currently revamping. 

Hotshotz Talent

Hotshotz Talent is a website that I am currently revamping. 

Work Experience

Company Director, Wilderness Weddings & Events, NZ

 March 10 – Current

  • meeting couples to discuss their requirements and budget
  • coming up with creative ideas and themes
  • advising on wedding customs or etiquette
  • preparing proposals and quotations for the work
  • agreeing prices with suppliers such as florists, photographers, caterers and venues
  • making sure couples are kept up to date with wedding plans
  • keeping detailed records via our online systems to make sure that costs stay within budget
  • being at the venue on the day of the wedding to make sure that everything goes to plan
  • researching new products, services and suppliers, through word of mouth, online or using social media such as Twitter
  • dealing with paperwork, phone calls, emails and letters
  • updating our website, blog or social media with recent events
  • accounting, end of year accounts
  • office manager
  • sales and marketing strategy

Wedding Co-ordinator, Stoneridge Estate, NZ

 Nov 06 – Sept 07

  • Co-Ordinating/planning all aspects which are involved in a wedding, including ceremony and evening reception, advice on one off issues or the entire process;
  • Assistance with all services, booking services and liaising with service providers to plan and finalise arrangements;
  • Assistance and support to the bride and groom including brides dressing preparations, ensuring everything runs according to plan; 
  • Providing solutions for any problems that may arise;
  • Providing quotations and detailed production itineraries;
  • Staff training and incentives;
  • Reconciling monthly accounts, entering and receipting payments;  

Functions Manager, Te Tawara O Wanaka

Jul – Nov 06 

  • restaurant manager
  • organising multiple conferences, weddings and banqueting functions in New Zealand
  • responsible for the daily operations of the area including maintaining budgets, assuring efficient product flow, and monitoring daily performance of team member’s quality improvement
  • committed approach to service excellence and customer focus
  • excellent logistical, planning and time management skills
  • operations leadership
  • exceptional eye for detail
  • good competency with MS office, Excel and Outlook
  • good written and oral communication skills
  • effective communicator
  • rosters and training
  • spreadsheets, costing and proposals

Medical administration Co-Ordinator, Ski Patrol Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ

Jun – Jul 06 

  • co-ordinating Doctor, nurse and room patrol
  • installed ACC networking system
  • administrating medications
  • triaging patients
  • booking ambulances and helicopters
  • organizing social events

Clinical Co-Ordinator, A&E Charing Cross Hospital, London

2002 – Apr 06 

  • primary support to doctors and nurses, insuring the smooth running of the department
  • ensuring patients did not breach
  • chasing up blood results, scans, doctors, surgeons and consultants
  • booking in ambulances, making up notes and calling for health records for trauma cases
  • updating patient details on whiteboard
  • booking beds within the hospital
  • logging breaches and deaths within the department
  • dealing with aggressive patients
  • managed a team of 8 administration/reception staff
  • rosters and training



  • Certificate in Applied Small Business Growth & Development, Wanaka, NZ. (2008)
  • Certificate in Small Business Management, Wanaka, NZ. (2007)
  • TEFL certificate, London.
  • GVNQ Advanced Art & Design, Cornwall, UK.
  • 8 GCSE’s gained, Cornwall, UK.